Alexandre Ederer

Integrity, Passion, Discovery

Business Developer

In the early days of Blockchain, Alex found himself using cryptocurrency to move money between his home in Canada, to his new location in Germany, without having to wait long delays or pay transaction fees.

Since this time, he has been involved in many projects, pushing for decentralization, distribution and transparency.

Less Than Symbol


Science Technology




Managing the development of the easiest to use, cryptocurrency wallet, allowing uses to interact with the chains of their choice, with no compromise between security and ease of use.

Role: CPO

BlockSocial UG

The parent company of Note Blockchain, BlockSocial is a consultancy firm dedicated to bringing blockchain and web3.0 into the German digital landscape.

Role: CEO



A Digital paper printer combining a paper free receipt sorting technology with bookkeeping technology.

Role: Founder


Here are some of the projects, he has worked with over the years.

A chain is only as solid as each individual link. Thats what I do.

Alexandre Ederer

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The End

Alex studied a broad range of fields, due to insatiable curiosity, he ended up in crypto by accident. Which saw volunteering for over 5 years with Verge Currency. This opened many doors to work with Industry titans, as well as people from around the world.

This experience was translated with a degree in International management in Germany, where I majored in Marketing and Event Management. My passion is to solve problems through connecting outside the box thinking to various solutions.

I'm eternally grateful to the people that have helped mark my journey,

I hope, that by helping where I can, I pay this back.